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Some may just love their boat. When you repower your old beloved vessel with a new motor – not only will performance improve (often when compared side-by-side) but fuel efficiency may actually increase as well thanks to all of the improvements from both manufacturers AND mechanics.

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We are commited to provide a good level of service on supplies & repairs, regardless to port of call.

It’s the best way to cover up any exposed surfaces on board while keeping it looking sleek and stylish too!

Moreover, Chinese artists impressed her with their "brilliant talents", and "getting to know them is the highlight of this trip", said Edwards, adding that to paint together and communicate through artwork is "something that connects us. I just love them."

But today’s marine engines and electronics are complex, and proper service often requires special training and tools. Unless you have the time and desire to acquire those skills and tools, the services of a good marine technician are a smart investment.

"A crisis management team has been assembled to oversee the situation, with emergency support crews en route and secondary support arrangements underway in collaboration with our partners," it said.

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There are many reasons why someone would swap boat motors. Someone might swap boat motors to get a faster boat, update to more modern technology, or for the aesthetic changes that come with different choices.

The labor rate will be similar or a little less than a shop charges, and the mobile shop may charge a mileage fee, but you didn’t have to move your boat.

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The grassroots efforts, which may seem lake norman marina trivial at first, are like the dripping water that accumulates strength that ultimately can penetrate boulders, said Song.

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Accidents happen, but our skilled technicians are here to fix any fiberglass damage. We'll restore your boat's appearance and structural integrity from small scratches to major repair

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